Screen-to-Body Ratio

Thoughts and Insights


Today Luke Wroblewski, one of the major influencers in the UX community, posted an image on LinkedIn talking about screen-to-body ratios. At first glance, it doesn’t say much about where devices are going. Most of the people I talk to think that a phone with less bezel is better. While it may look subjectively cooler, it provides some usability issues that I’m not sure have been solved in current versions of Android and iOS.

We’ve all seen the image to the left, “The Thumb Zone” is a known issue with larger screens. But the combination of large screen and no bezel creates some new issues that need to be addressed. Mainly, the fact that your palm may touch the screen when reaching for the red and orange areas on this image. It’s something that developers have had to deal with on large touch displays.

Palm rejection became a big factor when we saw the Apple Pencil come out. But it may become an issue with all devices if we continue to see the bevel-less trend.

Do you think the screen-to-body ratio is a big deal? How do you plan to address it when you design for phones with no bevel?